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External Lightning Protection

DTE Technologies is a proud distribution partner of DEHN Africa the subsidiary of DEHN + SE + Co KG of Germany.
Founded over 100 years ago, DEHN is the world’s largest and most experienced company in the field of lightning protection.

External Lightning Protection Physical Damage to Structures and Life Hazard IEC/SANS 62305 – 3
The purpose of the external LPS is intended to intercept direct lightning flashes to a structure, including flashes to the side of the structure and conduct the  lightning current from the point of strike to the ground earthing system in a controlled manner. The external LPS is also intended to disperse this current into the earth without causing thermal or mechanical damage, or dangerous sparking which may trigger a fire or explosions.

DTE Technologies specializes in the External Lightning Protection of Structures and Storage Tanks in the Petrochemical Industry and other advanced environments such as Data Centers and Mission Critical Structures.