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Internal Lightning Protection

DTE Technologies has been manufacturing a local South African range of Lightning Protection products for over 15 years.
Our focus is on continually improving the quality and reliability of our established range of products.

Innovation and the challenge to be the best at what we do, is what drives our manufacturing effort.

DTE Technologies is a formal distribution partner of DEHN Africa Internal Lightning Protection products. DEHN is undoubtedly the world’s leading manufacturer of a vast range of internal Lightning Protection products.

The installation of Internal Lightning and surge protection measures (SPM), in terms of IEC/SANS 62305, for electrical and electronic equipment, represents the latest state of the art protection measures and is an indispensable infrastructural condition, for the trouble-free operation of these systems.

The design of SPM systems should be carried out by experts in lightning and surge protection, who possess a broad knowledge of Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) and protection installation practices.