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Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

DTE Technologies has been providing clean, reliable power solutions for many years. These solutions include : UPS systems, Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR) Systems and Inverter long run battery back-up systems.
At the core of these solutions is the DTE PowerStation range of UPS systems, with over 1000 units installed across RSA and SADC countries.

Manufactured in South Africa and specifically designed for local and regional power conditions, these units have proven to be robust and extremely reliable in some very challenging power conditions.

Moreover, we continue to maintain and support units in the field that are over 15 years old. Digital field upgrades continue to keep these clean power systems relevant, and their proven longevity protects client investment.

The latest DTE Technologies innovation to this range of PowerStation UPS systems is the introduction of the Remote Access Project (RAP) module. The RAP interface allows real time remote diagnostics, which informs the user about the health and status of each unit in the field. This IOT based feature drives our preventative maintenance programs, delivering excellent long term cost of ownership.

The PowerStation product range of UPS systems represents outstanding value through quality service and support.