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Infratructure Solutions

  • Specialised Electrical Installations

  • Earthing Systems

  • Electrical Events Recording, Analysis and Reporting

  • Data Networks and Cabling

  • Design

  • Supply

  • Installation

  • Maintenance

DTE Technologies undertakes infrastructure upgrades, remedial work and roll outs on a national basis.

The elements of this work include the following disciplines:

  • Electrical Infrastructure installations and upgrades to existing electrical installations. This work includes activities such as new electrical points and power skirting and general electrical work.
  • Earth Resistivity Tests, Earthing Systems and Earth Bonding Installations.
  • We offer detailed Electrical Events Recording and Reporting with calibrated instruments that analyse and record all electrical events, including over and under voltage anomalies.
  • We install Data Networks including Cat 5/6 cabling, data points and data cabinets. We undertake all low voltage network infrastructure projects such as service station forecourt networks
  • We provide both ad hoc and contracted maintenance of our installed base throughout RSA and SADC countries.