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Smart Energy Solutions

  • PV Systems

  • Li-ion Battery Technologies

  • Inverters

  • Solar Lights

  • Design

  • Supply

  • Installation

  • Maintenance

DTE Technologies has established a new division focused on delivering efficient, renewable solutions to collectively reduce the carbon footprint. DTE SmartEnergy supplies, installs, and maintains a range of Solar Panels, Solar Lights, Inverters and Battery Technologies.

As part of our commitment to our Smart Energy Solutions, we have significantly invested in equipment, testing, training, and talent hunting to provide the cost effective, quality service to the end-user.

Our offering include:

  • Measurable Energy Innovations
  • Renewable Energy Solutions
  • Skilled Technicians and MIE
  • Latest Battery Technology with Intelligent Battery Management
  • Maintenance Services and Contracts on our PV Installations
  • Mounting Standards Compliance
  • SANS 10142-1 and SANS 10142-1-2 aligned COC’s
  • PV Green Card Trained Technicians
  • PV Installations Project & Site Supervision conducted by DTE in-house Electricians and MIE’s

We are also in the business of providing Li-Ion batteries.
For an overview of battery technologies, please click here.